Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yesterday's outfits

Look how cute Eve is in this little dress and funny face she makes when she's really excited about something (hence the clapping):
She's 13 months old and that dress is size 3-6 months, like a good chunk of the clothes she still wears. Here's a picture of Kylie that I dug up wearing the exact same dress at 4 months old. It's so weird to see clothes that Kylie wore as a baby on Eve as a toddler.

But what's also weird is that I noticed that Kylie was wearing a skirt she was wearing a year ago. Here's 28 month old Kylie showing me her mustache with a stick she found:And here's 18 month old Kylie wearing the same skirt. I know she wore it before 18 months, I just couldn't find a picture of it. I swear Kylie's been the same height for the past year.


  1. update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Une certaine tante a hâte de savoir ce que ce passe chez ta famille................... (please?)

  2. I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! How am I supposed to know what is going on?????????????????????????????????