Thursday, May 28, 2009

Standing (well more like bearing weight on little baby legs)

Eve at 2 months

Eve has been holding her head up very well lately. It seems she has been "blessed" with a long giraffe neck like her mom. I use the term "blessed" very loosely. Let's just hope that she can pull it off better than I can, because it sometimes gives me an awkward appearance in pictures. The long neck also seems to make it a little more difficult to hold her head up, but she is doing very good. A little wobbly at times, but I'm still very proud of her.

Kylie was holding her head up rather early and was always looking for that next challenge. Here she is at 2 and a half months very proud of herself for being able to stand up. She was so proud, all I had to do was hold on to her arms and she would pull herself up and grin like this every time:
Kylie at 2 and a half months

Lately, I've been practicing with Eve trying to get her to do the same. She doesn't have the balance that Kylie does and she has the tiniest little legs. I imagine the size of her legs makes it quite difficult or her to bear any weight. Thankfully, she is a very easy going baby and puts up with me when I make her "practice." Standing up or any other challenge was fun for Kylie, for Eve it's just work. Yet, she lets me do these awful "workouts" and "exercises" to her. She is such a sweetheart. It's so much fun to be able to notice these differences in their personalities already.
These workouts are hard on such tiny little legs!

Eve at 2 months and a week old. Look she's also holding on to her paci, she's getting so big already!


  1. For some reason the little "comment" link thing didn't show up on the post with Kylie's jumping but I just had to comment (like usual!). The video of her jumping was the cutest thing ever!! That's really advanced that her feet actually leave the ground!! Most kids her age just end up raising their heals as their way of "jumping" but their feet never leave the ground! Wait to go Kylie! :)

  2. I think letting her play in the moonwalk is what taught her to jump. I really wished that I could have videotaped it because watching her in there was making me laugh so hard. I thought she might have been too young for it, but it was at my church and Jason's and my job was to watch the moonwalk and pass out Vacation Bible school info to parents. We were there from 9-5, so it was either let Kylie play in it, or take turns chasing her around for 8 hours. We had no idea how good she would do in there even with big kids all around her! She was definitely the youngest to play in there all day, all the other kids under 2 were scared of it, but my Kylie had no fear whatsoever (I wish she did sometimes!). After the moonwalk, I noticed her trying to jump, so Jason and I held her hands and jumped up and down with her. She LOVED playing that game and it taught her how to do it on her own.