Thursday, May 28, 2009


Kylie has discovered a new hobby: jumping. She learned how to jump up and down at 16 months and she is still obsessed with it at 17 months. I think it started when she played in a moon walk and was surprised when she discovered she was capable of being airborne for a split second. Ever since the moonwalk she has been trying to perfect her newfound skill. She gets really excited and falls down a lot, but it's really cute. Her obsession is slowly dying down now, since it is no longer a huge challenge, but thankfully I took a couple pictures and video clips while she was learning how to jump. Sadly, I didn't have my camera at the moonwalk, but I do have the memory of Kylie without any fear whatsoever jumping as high as she could, falling down every two seconds in the middle of much bigger children. Jason was there too and he can testify to how crazy she was.

Here she is playing "jump jump" in our living room:

We had some friends spend the night, and we moved our toddler bed out to the living room for their little boy to sleep on. Kylie was very excited to see the bed out there the next day, she played "jump jump" on it for a long time:

Kylie is taking jumping to next level by leaping onto the couch in mid-jump. This girl makes me laugh.