Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A year in fast forward (or is it rewind?)

I'm so excited to finally join the blogging world. This blogging experience is brand new to me, but I have experienced a lot of new things this past year. It has been a very exciting year for Jason and I because it was our first year as parents. It's been a fun ride so far and although I sometimes feel like I don't want our little Kylie bear to grow up any more, I am looking forward to many more years watching our family grow! Here a very quick look at how much our little Kylie has grown up this first year:
Kylie just one hour old! You can tell her hair has not been washed yet.

Kylie at one month old. Technically, she is still only four weeks exactly.

Kylie at 2 months old. She LOVED practicing to stand. It was the easiest way to get her to smile.

Kylie just two days shy of turning 3 months old.

Kylie at four months. It took her this long to really enjoy tummy time.

Kylie at five months. At this age she loved rolling over everywhere and also loved rolling over her boppy pillow.

Kylie at 6 months. She was army crawling like a pro.

Kylie at 7 months. This is when she learned how to pull herself up and cruise.

Kylie at 8 months, taking a rare break from getting into everything to take a pretty picture.
Sitting was never her "thing", I even asked her doctor at her 6 month appointment if I should be worried, because she was crawling everywhere but had no interest in sitting. She would cry if I tried to get her to sit, so I thought something might be wrong with her legs.

Kylie at 9 months. This is when she was taking her first steps and learning to walk.

Kylie at 10 months discovering piles of leaves for the first time.

Kylie at 11 months. It took her this long to realize she could just lounge around and not be active ALL the time.

And here is our family taking a picture during Kylie's first birthday party. She just 2 days shy of turning twelve months old!


  1. Thanks for starting this! I can read about you, Jason, and Kylie and I'm excited.

    I see you figured out how to do the pictures.

  2. Hooray for blogging!! I'm so excited to have another blog to follow! :)


  3. Reading your blog will be a lot of fun...keep up the entries!