Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Kylie was four...

Dear Kylie Bear,

On December fifteenth 2012, you went and turned five.


I remember being five and I'm sure you already have some memories that will last you a lifetime. That's a strange thought to me. Up until recently, I assumed everything that happened in your life would be forgotten by you as you grew older. But that's changing. You already have a great memory and remember things that happen to you from past years. That brain of yours always amazes me!

Your favorite story to tell is "Once when I was a baby, I went into the fridge and pulled out an orange and peeled it all by myself and then I ate it. And I was just a little baby!" You tell that story so much that even Eve now says the same story, only she likes to change it to say that she did the same thing. She didn't. Your version of the story is mostly true by the way, only you weren't a baby. You were a toddler, but young enough that Jason and I were impressed with your orange peeling skills. I can't even peel an orange, your dad has to do it for me, so maybe I'm not the best judge of what is impressive when it comes to that!

So now you are five. A big kid. You are making real memories. You go to preschool and are only half a year away from Kindergarten. You weren't supposed to grow up so fast.

And now looking back at the past year, I feel guilty for not documenting more of your year. I didn't blog anything that you did nor did I write down any of the cute things you said (and you said some very cute things!) I'm so sad that the whole year has gone by and there is nothing I can do to relive any of it. You were a great four year old we had some great times together!

Thankfully I took some pictures. So I can at least document some of the highlights of the year you were four.

Wanna see?

This was you on the day you turned four:
You wanted to eat at Pizza Hut Buffet for your birthday lunch. This was the first time we actually had to pay for your buffet. I told them it was your fourth birthday in hopes they would do something fun for you, instead they charged me for a four year old, for the first time! But it was a great birthday lunch because you were so excited to eat there! We then went to some pet shops in hopes to see some bunny rabbits. Instead some pet shop owner offered to let you hold a tarantula, which you did and loved, but sadly my camera was in the car. Chichi is probably glad I didn't get a picture!

When you were four years old, you...

... took dance class in both the spring and the fall semester. You LOVED it! (Although you had a hard time doing exactly what the teachers wanted, you were way too dramatic, haha! You loved putting some drama into your facial expressions and dance moves! I think theatrical dance will be a better fit for you!)

... participated in a soccer camp in the Summer. You loved it! And you were actually pretty good! You were on team Spain and you had me paint your face like the Spanish flag, which turned out pretty cute!

... always claimed to be a "Mommy's Girl."

...but we all know you love your Daddy very much!

... still loved playing in the dirt

... had several different sleepovers with some friends which was your favorite thing in the world. You always ask people who come over to our house if they could please have a sleepover . Here's a picture of one when your friend Sadra stayed the night. Unfortunately I don't have any of when Cassie spent the night with you. As you and your sister get over, I'm sure these sleepovers will be much more frequent and I can't wait to stay up late eavesdropping you and your friends' conversations (hahaha! <-- evil="evil" laugh="laugh">

 ... were a lot braver at the splash park! A complete 180 from previous years!

...constantly amazed me by how "big" you are getting!

... still had exzema outbreaks, but we are learning to control it much better!


... went as a Lalaloopsy doll for Halloween (Eve was Peter Rabbit, not a kangaroo, don't judge my homemade Halloween costume!)

... went off to preschool for four mornings out of the week. I love your first school picture!

 (This was the shirt I made you for your first day of school.)

... picked out a Pinkalicious backpack for preschool. You almost had your heart set on a weird cameo one with G. I. Joes or something very strange, thankfully we found this one so we were both happy!

 Ok, now let's make sure this next year goes by a little slower, ok? You are growing up too fast!


  1. lol I was just writing a post just like this! My baby boy is 7 months old and my oldest is turning 10 this year! Where does the time go? I'm glad you posted on PR&P. Your outfits are adorable!!

  2. Wow, I can't imagine having a 10 year old, 5 seems so old to me! It seriously went by so fast, I'm so mad for not writing down all the cute things she has been saying lately! I guess since 5 years went by so fast, she will be 10 before I know it, I just can't imagine it :)