Sunday, March 25, 2012

Candyland Costumes: Princess Frostine and Princess Lolly

For her past birthday (yes I realize we are talking about an event that happened 3 months ago. I considered cheating and creating this post with a December date, but I knew I wouldn't be able to trick anyone.) As I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself... For her past birthday, Kylie really wanted a Candyland birthday party. She had seen a Candyland cake in a Family Fun magazine back in June and was sold. For 6 months, she didn't change her mind,  which was fine by me: I loved this theme!

As we were playing the board game about a month before the party. I noticed just how perfect it was that there were two princesses in the game, each one with a unique attire. I just started learning how to sew, and I was a little crazy, so I decided I needed to replicate the costumes for my own two princesses.

My inspiration:

Princess Frostine

Princess Lolly

I couldn't find any tutorials for these specific costumes, which surprised me. Wouldn't any little girl just love to be able to dress up as sweet Princess Frostine or have lollypops all over her dress? I mean, what better combination is there for dress up other than Princess and candy? Well maybe if there was a combination with Little Red Hiding Hood and candy, but that's just me. She was my favorite to dress up as when I was little.

So, I winged it. Jason had just surprised me with a new sewing machine so I wouldn't have to keep going over to my grandma's house any time I wanted to sew something. (Isn't it pretty?) This was the perfect project for me to just dive into and test out my new baby.

My girls were very happy with the results. Don't look too closely at my mistakes, like I said I'm just a beginner. My favorite part is the big smiles on their faces!


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