Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There was a boat in my living room

What? That doesn't look like a boat to you? You must not have much experience with two year olds. Watch out if you come visit, there are alligators on the floor, err I mean water. They like to bite and if they get you, you will turn into an alligator yourself.


  1. What is with toddlers and boats? Samantha will make a boat out of pillows on our bed and I have to get in and she drives us around and then we eat seahorses. hehe

  2. Bethany, she is always making boats. I don't get it either. She has never even been on a boat, or seen very many (We have lived in Kansas and Missouri). I'm glad to know she's not the only one obsessed. Eating seahorses? Oh that cracks me up, I bet Kylie and Samantha would be great friends. Kylie is always asking if fish are going to eat her because of the Jonah story.