Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stuck at home

Jason just started a new job this week, it's a huge answer to prayers! It's more hours than he worked at Sears and more of a drive, so I'm going to have to get used to not having him around the house and no longer seeing him on his lunch breaks. That's the downfall, but the job is so much better for our family, so we are very excited. Yesterday was his first day and he blew his tire on the drive home and didn't have time to take the car anywhere after work, so he took the van to work today. So that meant we had the whole day to fill today... without daddy... without the van... I like to take the girls somewhere everyday, just to get out of the house. It's been too hot lately to just play in our yard, so we like to go to splash parks or just somewhere air conditioned. I was quite worried that we wouldn't be able to escape our small apartment since Jason was taking our van. So what to do today with two wired, bouncy, destructive, energetic toddlers? Thankfully, the girls figured that out for me. It all started when I was trying to make my bed and they wanted to play "nap" on it:Yep, they were taking turns doing touchdown motions, they like to copy each other. But seriously, how cute are these little munchkins:
And here they are having "sister talk":
And playing "nap" is only fun for 5 minutes if you are a 1 or 2 year old, so they decided to start jumping on the bed... for literally about an hour. Of course I let them, they had lots of energy to burn:
I snapped a lot of pictures like the following one, where it looks like Kylie is about to land on her sister. No worries, it's just the angle. (Or maybe you have bad depth perception.) I promise that there were no toddlers injured in the making of these pictures.
Eve was showing me where she fell. What a silly girl:
I love this following one. Epic:
I captured some pretty silly faces from each of the girls during all the excitement:
Eve just mainly leaned forward, letting herself fall, instead of jumping:
Hahaha, this next one looks HORRIBLE, but like I said, she never landed on or hurt her little sister:


  1. ahh! what sweeties! you have given me the idea to have kids close together as well. they get along SO WELL!

  2. Aw, thanks Chels. Sorry it took me this long to respond, I kind of neglected my blog for a while there. I absolutely LOVE having them close in age, but just know that it's not always the easiest. They do fight over toys, Kylie wishes she could sleep in the crib (she's convinced it's bigger than her toddler bed) and it's hard to coordinate their naps. BUT the rewards are so much greater than all that, they do love each other so much and I hope they will always stay good friends! When one child is sleeping, the other one drives me nuts because they keep asking where the other one is (Yes Eve does this too!)